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CORONA - Information on the ability to deliver

Dear customers,

the Corona crisis is used by some of our competitors to send unauthorised advertising mails to customers and interested parties.  We do not wish to follow this trend, but we would like to inform you about the current state of affairs:

The production facilities, coil service centres and warehouses of Metallvertrieb and its associated cooperation partners are located throughout Europe.

It is therefore possible for us to react quickly and flexibly to changes. Should production and deliveries from individual regions not be possible for some time, we have the possibility to switch to other production sites.

We would like to point out that since its foundation, our company has made sure that the specifications of the goods supplied by us are identical at all plants. This and the fact that we manufacture and store every product we sell in at least two different locations from the very beginning should give you the certainty that you have found a strong and reliable partner in us even in times of crisis.

Stay healthy!